A Wondrous Parmesan Chive Scone

Years ago, when I was still in high school, my parents went on a trip to Boston where they ate at several local spots. Amidst their culinary exploration, they encountered Flour Bakery + Cafe in Cambridge. My parents were so impressed with the bakery’s offerings that they, in their selflessness, brought my grandmother, two brothers, and I an assortment of goods from the bakery when they returned to Florida. As someone who enjoys savory food more than sweet treats, I decided to try the parmesan-crusted scone from the box they traveled with. I could not believe how delicious the parmesan chive scone was. Before picking the scone from the box, I slightly hesitated because I feared that the scone would be as dry as other scones I had eaten before. To me, there are few things worse in the world of food than excessively dry textures. Baked goods are supposed to be delicate, whether they are crunchy, soft, or somewhere in-between. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the inside of the parmesan chive scone was simultaneously moist, dense, and airy. This interior balanced the crispy, parmesan-crusted exterior perfectly, making for a multi-dimensional scone. Its flavor was salty, yet not overly so to the point where one feels like they need to immediately drink water. Trying the parmesan chive scone made me want to eat it again someday, though at that point, I did not know that Boston was going to be my college town.

Since becoming a student at Boston College, I have indulged in Flour Bakery + Cafe’s parmesan chive scone several times. My favorite way to eat it is for breakfast, alongside an iced vanilla latte from the bakery. The sharp, nutty flavor of parmesan complements the oniony hints of chive scattered throughout the baked good very well. Paired with a creamy and sweet iced vanilla latte, the scone shines even brighter. In a way, when I first tasted it, the scone foreshadowed my residence in Boston. Flour Bakery + Cafe has always been there to appease my taste buds and remind me of the exciting and bold nature of Boston. The crumbly parmesan chive scone exudes intentionality, as it seems that the bakery has created a recipe that achieves textures and flavors which make for a savory treat that only gets better with every bite.

As I approach graduation, I reflect on my last four years at Boston College and view the parmesan chive scone as an artifact of my appreciation for Boston. Not only has Boston welcomed me, but it has also nurtured my learning and protected me throughout my early years of adulthood. Never once has the scone failed to evoke a feeling of embrace. Something as simple as a scone might seem insignificant to some, but to me, it represents the trust my parents had in my moving to Boston and becoming the best version of myself. Them bringing me back the scone so long ago was a precedent for the constant support and love they have given me throughout my undergraduate education. 

Recently, I checked the menu of Flour Bakery + Cafe, and in said menu the parmesan chive scone has been replaced with a cheddar scallion scone. I tried the latter, and it does not even come close to reaching the levels of technique exhibited by the former. The cheddar scallion scone is too dry and grainy, and the scallions do not pack as much a punch as chives—I could barely taste the scallions. I hope that Flour Bakery + Cafe has not permanently removed the parmesan chive scone from their menu, as that would make me sad. I hope to see the bakery come to their senses soon and bring back the parmesan chive scone, but if they do not plan on doing so, then I am at least grateful that the parmesan chive scone brought me so much joy during the time I had access to it.

Cover photo courtesy of flourbakery


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