An Ode (and Obituary) to the Choco Taco

When most people think of Klondike, they think of the bar. However, I think of the dessert remix on a dinnertime classic. I remember I was thrilled when I discovered that there was a dessert version of my favorite meal. Similar to the appeal behind tacos, the Choco Taco is a filling indulgence that you can eat with one hand. Encased in a waffle cone shell, the rich vanilla ice cream is the perfect level of sweetness complemented by a decadent chocolate fudge swirl. A chocolate coating with a light garnish of peanuts accompanies the interior elements of the taco, providing a subtle crunch that elevates the texture of the dessert. Instead of enjoying a typical cone with a haphazard, often irregular ratio of cone-to-ice cream-to-toppings, the Choco Taco provides each element in a consistent, one might say perfect, bite.

Unfortunately, after 40 years stocking the frozen section , the demand for the Choco Taco melted away, which led to the discontinuation of the dessert this past summer. Following the tragic announcement, people all over Twitter shared their condolences to the beloved treat. The popularity of the Choco Taco skyrocketed with a 30,000% increase in searches on InstaCart. Clearly, people, including myself, did not realize how much they loved the Choco Taco until it was gone for good.

The Choco Taco was more than a favorite beach treat; it was a forgotten memory of my childhood. As I think about the dessert, I can’t help but reminisce about a warm, sunny day on the beach where the only cure for the blistering heat was a delectable frozen treat. Just when I was about to succumb to the high temperatures, I would hear a voice scream “ICE CREAM!” There were no better words for a seven year old to hear. After hearing the echoing voice of the ice cream man, my cousins and I would sprint to our grandparents, begging them to give us $3 to buy our looming sugar rush. Much to our parents’ dissent, our grandparents would give in and have us get them one too. We would all try to eat our desserts as fast as we could before they turned into a melting mess. When reflecting on the Choco Taco, I remember its decadent and rich flavor, but I will always associate it with my fondest memories: those hot summer afternoons on the beach with my family.

Though it may be gone for now, the Choco Taco will be remembered not only for its decadent flavor, but also for the millions of smiles and memories it brought to people around the country; as our beloved foods often do so well.

Cover photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal


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