Do Yourself a Favor, Call Your Mother

I love coming back to my hometown for Thanksgiving. I love seeing my family, seeing my friends from high school (plus all the people I thought I’d never have to see again, not quite as fun), but most importantly, I love going back to my favorite places to eat. There’s something beautiful about the nostalgia of returning to an old place I used to frequent before I went to college, the memories of high school-me jump out as soon as I walk through the door of the fast food chain I’d stop by after school, or the coffee shop I’d go to on the weekends with my friends. Coming back as I continue to grow up is like walking into a restaurant as a giant in a dollhouse, everything feels smaller, but it feels like home. 

So when I came back this holiday season, my first stop was to my favorite bagel place in all of Washington D.C. Located in an iconic bright pink building on the corner of 35th and O in the quintessential DC neighborhood Georgetown, “Call Your Mother” is a Jewish deli originating in the city with various locations around the District and into Maryland. 

Starting out as a farmer’s market specialty, owners Daniela Moreira and Andrew Dana opened their first Call Your Mother deli in Park View, in 2018. They combine NY-style bagels with sweeter Montreal-style, creating the most mouth-watering combination of dough imaginable. With everything from breakfast sandwiches to traditional deli classics like tuna salad, everything is crafted either in house or sourced from local patterns like Logan’s Sausage, a company in Alexandria, Virginia. The deli is a community staple, a community favorite, and one of the best parts about returning to the area for the holiday season. They have a total of six stand-alone shops and one trolley in and around the area for every Washingtonian and tourist to enjoy. 

Like most stores in the Georgetown location, the building itself is one of the best parts of the shop. Upon arrival, aside from the line of people out the door waiting to order, you’ll see various people posing in front of the flamingo pink building. Windows adorned in flowers and mint green shutters come together to create one of the neighborhood’s most Instagrammable locations. But while the outside is adorable, what goes on inside is even better. I always go with my tried and true order: the meatless “Sun City”, an everything bagel with “‘bodega-style’ local eggs, american and cheddar cheese, and spicy honey” (Call Your Mother Menu). A pro tip: add avocado and the result will be the best breakfast sandwich in your entire life. As a big fan of breakfast sandwiches, this one will always take the cake as the best in the business. Made to order behind the counter, each sandwich is hot and fresh when it hits your hands. 

Call Your Mother deli is nostalgic, a reliable hometown classic that’s seen me from high school to my junior in college and beyond. It’s a place where I can go with my high school friends and catch up, it’s a place where my parents will always remember my go-to order, and it’s a place where I can go back in time for a minute. This holiday season, with all the hustle and bustle the winter months bring, Call Your Mother was an opportunity for me to slow down for a minute, a reminder that in the midst of all the craziness, the town I had left was still home. So as the year rolls to a close, I encourage you to take the time to call your mother, and if you find yourself in D.C., go and get a bagel while you’re at it. 

Cover Photo Courtesy of Maddie Sims


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