Mucho Gusto

Sweet, Salty, and Crunchy

Ahh, the beginning of May marks the end of the school year and the start of every student’s favorite time … Finals season. Although it feels like the work never stops at Boston College the beginning of May is no doubt the busiest time of the year. We crack open the books, brew the coffee, and sit in the library for hours at a time. Finals are full of stress, sleepless nights, and burnout but eating yummy food has always been my go-to break. 

Whether it is taking a minute and walking to get White Mountian, or ordering delivery food from a local restaurant in Newton enjoying food with others is an opportunity to relax amidst the stress. Snacks are an important part of any long study season and as many of my close friends know my go-to study snack is a trail mix packed full of nuts. 

Some may say I have an obsession but every bite is uniquely satisfying. Want something sweet? Dark chocolate almonds. Need something salty? Roasted lightly salted cashews. Want some spice? Cajun peanuts. Trail mix offers the perfect boost of energy and satisfies all your late-night cravings. The options are endless and concocting a trail mix to snack on always makes studying more appealing for me. This specific trail mix recipe is inspired by many late nights in O’Neil studying Spanish and days in Shiller drawing biology diagrams on whiteboards. Keep on studying and snacking! 


2 cups plain popcorn 

2 cups mini pretzels 

1 cup corn Chex 

1 cup cinnamon Chex 

½ cup lightly salted cashews

½ cup plain almonds 

½ cup plain pecans 

½ cup honey-roasted peanuts 

¾ cup peanut butter m&m’s 


In a gallon-size ziplock bag combine all the ingredients. Tightly close and shake until the mixture is mixed all together. Portion the mix into smaller bags and grab them on your way to the library! 

Cover photo courtesy of Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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