A Guide to Boston’s Best Outdoor Eateries

As people enjoy socially-distant, outdoor dining before Boston’s winter arrives, these establishments have been gaining attention for their food and setup.

The streets of Boston are crowded and lively in a new, socially-distant way. With the help of live music and strung lights, Bostonians maintain some semblance of a night out pre-pandemic. As the weather turns colder and COVID-19 drags on, however, restaurants and bars across the city are adjusting their approach to outdoor dining in an effort to remain open. 

The expansion of outdoor dining was an obvious solution to the Massachusetts state mandates regarding the novel coronavirus. Food establishments quickly took advantage of parking lots and sidewalks to increase outdoor seating and bring in the profit that they lost when shut down. For the Bostonians hoping to ditch take-out but still hesitant to dine indoors, the following is a list of local restaurants and bars offering incredible and safe outdoor dining experiences.

Photo courtesy of The Boston Calendar

Burro Bar (Brookline)

On the corner of Beacon Street and Winthrop Road, Burro Bar is a “neighborhood Mexican kitchen” focused on tacos and tequila. Burro Bar has always offered a substantial amount of outdoor seating, which made adjusting to the COVID-19 mandates very manageable. With a covered deck raised up from the sidewalk, there is great potential for year-rounding seating.

“My favorite outdoor dining experience post quarantine has been Burro Bar in Brookline,” stated Veronica Moreno, MCAS ‘21. “They set up an outdoor tent decorated with string lights for an inviting and warm atmosphere. The crispy fish tacos were honestly the best tacos I’ve ever had!” Open seven days a week, including for brunch on the weekends, Burro Bar continues to serve incredible food and a huge variety of drinks in their inviting outdoor space. 

Photo courtesy of Cambria Hotel Boston

Six West (South Boston)

If you’re looking for a luxury outdoor dining experience, Six West in downtown South Boston is the perfect place. “It’s been my favorite place to get dinner and a drink mainly because of the beautiful view,” explained Natalie Hone, MCAS ‘21. “To make it COVID-friendly, the bar is closed, and the tables are spaced all along the deck with plexiglass in between each other.” 

The stunning views of the Boston skyline and harbor make Six West the perfect place to dress up for and make a night out of. Even if you’re just there for a drink, Hone says the truffle fries are a must.

Photo courtesy of Thanx

Cisco Brewers (Seaport)

No outdoor dining guide for the city of Boston would be complete without mention of Cisco Brewers, the pop-up beer garden in Seaport. Since its founding in Nantucket 25 years ago, Cisco Brewery has been crafting fantastic beers that taste of summers on the beach. Cisco’s Seaport location has been in operation for the past three summers. Although always wildly successful, its abundance of outdoor seating and relaxed atmosphere have made it the go-to place for a quality drink and a high-end slice of Oath Pizza.

“Enjoying a drink and good company at Cisco took my mind off the fact that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic,” commented Tiffany Santos, MCAS ‘21. “It almost felt like a normal night out with the strung lights and food trucks.” Local craft beer and a sense of eternal summer keep customers coming back to Cisco Brewers.

Each of these establishments offers a different atmosphere through their outdoor setups, providing those who want to dine out with something they haven’t had in a long time: options. While these outdoor spaces are currently a reasonable choice, the city of Boston is moving quickly into fall and winter; take the uncertainty that comes with the colder weather as an even stronger reason to take advantage of these outdoor experiences while you can.


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